Borrow from another library

Our library is connected to other libraries throughout the state and nation. If you can't find an item in this library, ask library staff to help you get it from another library.

Inter-library loans usually are at no charge. Staff will make every effort to find the item you would like from a library that will not charge for the loan.

  • Request can be made in person, by email, or by phone call.
  • There is only a fee if the sending library charges for postage, usually under $2.00.
  • Material usually can be kept for 2 weeks.
  • If you request an item you have 2 business days to pick the item up, with out prior arrangements. If you do not pick up your items, you will be required to pay postage for you next loan request.
  • Inter Library Loan Program is a great way to get any book you are looking for, if I don't have it I can get it!